The Value in Service Organization Control (SOC) Audit Reports

Service Organization Control (SOC) Reports are designed to help service organizations build trust and transparency with their customers. They are the gold standard for reporting on service provider controls. 
Why should you obtain a SOC audit?

In today’s business environment, companies have increased their reliance on third-party service providers to conduct business functions. A SOC audit can provide your customers with the needed level of assurance in the integrity of your control system to satisfy multiple customer requests. 

Aronson's Tech Risk Services Group can deliver SOC audit readiness and audit reports for service providers to support market share growth and increase stakeholder confidence.

Download our compliance guide to learn more about:
  • Benefits, content, and uses of the different types of SOC Reports
  • Applicability and selection of the correct SOC Reports type for you business
  • Aronson’s SOC Report Roadmap
  • Case studies

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Download The 2017 Service Organization Control (SOC) Compliance Guide