Flagship Offering: Integrated Technology Risk Management Assessment

Founded as a part of our next generation thought leadership, Aronson’s Technology Risk Services Group has introduced a flagship service offering – the Integrated Technology Risk Management Assessment. This offering is intended for your boardroom and C-suite, and it is focused on providing a constructive but independent point of view about your organization’s status and readiness.

We have invested to build a compelling process to help your organization assess the state of your management of technology risk. It is the disciplined process of understanding risk appetite and using that information against your requirements for IT/cyber insurance, risk assessment, governance, process improvement, technology, training, and compliance. The goal is to give your organization the information you need to manage your risk landscapes effectively.

What you get is the benefit of a very structured and efficient methodology. Our professionals start by quantifying your risk appetite based on an assessment of the levels at which the perceived risk is above, at, or below the acceptable threshold. We then assess your company’s risk profile by examining existing IT/cyber insurance, IT policies and processes, data classification, governance, business continuity, people competency, technology, training, and compliance. Based on these assessments, we develop and report our concepts for one- and three-year strategies that align to your company’s and management’s objectives. We are guided throughout this process by observing a balance between risk, control, and cost.