Webinar: The Ten Commandments of GSA Schedule Compliance

Join Aronson Consultants Jennifer Aubel and Jacelyn Ferriell for a comprehensive webinar on April 19th as they use real-life examples to illustrate important points on the serious topic of GSA Schedules.

GSA Schedules are sometimes categorized as “government contracting lite” because they fall under the streamlined requirements for commercial item contracting. As such, the schedules are a common point of entry for companies new to the federal market. Oftentimes new contractors have little understanding of what the myriad clauses in their contract actually mean. On the other hand, established federal contractors aren't immune to compliance challenges with their GSA Schedule contracts either. What experienced contractors often overlook is how unique schedule requirements can be radically different than those governing contracting by negotiation. Compliance systems designed solely around FAR Part 15 acquisitions are generally insufficient to address the unique rules for GSA contracts.

Having an understanding of the cost benefits of compliance is critical to creating a compelling business case for implementing necessary policies and procedures. At the end of this webinar, attendees will have a deep knowledge of:

  • Fundamental compliance requirements that come with having a GSA Schedule contract
  • Federal acquisition principles guiding the requirements
  • Risks and penalties associated with failure to comply
  • Basic foundation for implementing best practices in GSA Schedule pricing and regulatory compliance
  • How to pinpoint potential weaknesses in existing policies and procedures

Who should attend?

  • Companies considering submitting a GSA Schedule offer
  • Companies new to the GSA Schedules
  • GSA contracts administrators looking for a compliance refresher
  • Company executives who want a basic understanding of GSA Schedule compliance risks

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Date & Time: 
April 19, 2017 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

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