Webinar: Service Contract Act (SCA) Compliance in Real Business Government Contractor Environments

Join Aronson Senior Consultant Barbara Connell for an informative webinar on March 15th, 2017 as she takes a two-tiered approach to addressing the challenges of understanding and complying with the myriad requirements of the Service Contract Act (SCA).

The Service Contract Labor Standards, better known as SCA, outline various operational requirements for service contracts over $2,500. SCA contains complex elements that can make compliance seem unattainable, especially because the rules of this 50-year old act do not overlay nicely with the reality of how government contractors do business today. Further, many contractors are unaware of the scope of SCA and its impact on their existing contracts.

The first section of the webinar gives attendees a general overview of SCA and the basic elements outlined in the Act.

Overview of SCA and its Applicability

  • What is SCA?
  • When and where do SCA apply?
  • Does SCA apply to my contract?
  • Who is responsible for interpreting and enforcing SCA?
  • Which employees are covered by SCA?
  • Statutory Elements – Wages, Health and Welfare, Vacation, Holiday

Once the audience has an understanding of SCA requirements, we will explore real business situations that add compliance complexity. The conversation will include reasonable interpretations and approaches to fulfill SCA’s sometimes murky requirements. In a case study format, we will then explore specific hurdles to SCA compliance faced by government contractors as outlined below:

  • SCA-covered employees working in more than one location
  • SCA-covered employees working in more than one position
  • SCA-covered employees working on SCA-covered and non-SCA covered contracts
  • SCA-covered employees working both CONUS and OCONUS
  • Holiday disbursment for part-time employees with an irregular work schedule
  • Benefits costs changing during year
  • Complications of 401k including contribution frequency and vesting schedules

Upon completion of the 60-minute webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify when SCA impacts a contract
  • Learn skills for approaching real-business compliance situations
  • Walk away with key steps for implementing a SCA-compliant environment

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Date & Time: 
March 15, 2017 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

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