To Prime, Subcontract or JV? Which role is right for you?


Join Aronson government contracting experts Tom Marcinko  and Donna Dominguezon February 28th to determine which role best suits your company and why. Don’t feel that you need to try out for only one part. As a contractor, you can play different roles in different plays (aka contracts). This webinar will evaluate each role and identify the advantages and disadvantages of each. Tom and Donna will help you determine which role fits your company best and help position your company for success.
Whether you are the prime, subcontractor or member of a Joint Venture (JV), this webinar will pull the curtains back on how to best write your award-winning script. Your complimentary ticket will provide practical tips and advice and help you understand:

  • What it really means to be a prime contractor
  • As a subcontractor, what you really need to provide to your prime
  • Strategic reasons when you should be the prime or the subcontractor
  • Different ways the FAR treats prime and subcontractors
  • Reasons JVs are formed
  • Differences between populated and unpopulated JVs
  • When it might be appropriate to bid as part of a JV

All contractors are encouraged to join in and listen to the show.


Not able to attend? Register anyway and we’ll send you a copy of the presentation and webinar recording to watch at your convenience!

Date & Time: 
February 28, 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

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